think inside the box

Hi, I'm Neel! When I was a kid, I always wanted an elephant in a box (seemed useful), so as an homage to that childhood dream, I made elephants in boxes the theme of all my online profiles. If you want to know anything about my work, check out any other page on this site, but if you want to know me personally, you're in the right place.

hathix - Neel Mehta, hathix.com


Why is it called hathix? It comes from the Hindi हाथी hathi for elephant, plus x for the box. Plus, I always knew that the most catchy website names were two syllables, with an emphasis on the first (Google, Facebook, Apple, Snapchat, Dropbox, Twitter, etc.)

It’s pronounced like hath-ix: the first syllable rhymes with bath and the second with mix.

By the way, tell me this trivia the next time you meet me and I’ll like you immediately.

Skateboarding - Neel Mehta, hathix.com


I started skating at the end of freshman year when I discovered what a fun, fast way it was to get around campus.

These days, I ride a Sector 9 Bambino, a 26.5" cruiser (big enough to be comfortable, small enough to carry.) It’s got 61mm / 78a Nineball wheels (yes, I like it very soft.) Ask me about the time I rode six miles at a stretch.

Life’s too short to walk - get a skateboard!

Baseball - Neel Mehta, hathix.com


I’m a diehard fan of the Philadelphia Phillies (my hometown team), and since I’m in Boston, the Red Sox are my AL team. Fenway Park is pictured above.

My life goal is to go to a game at every MLB ballpark; so far I’ve just gotten four:

  • Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia
  • Fenway Park, Boston
  • AT&T Park, San Francisco
  • Safeco Field, Seattle

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